1. Saine & Smith
    Stockholm, Sweden
  2. Deardrums
    Venice, Italy
  3. DUST
    Brooklyn, New York
  4. Earth Boys
    Brooklyn, New York
  5. Harsh Riddims Blood Sucking Cassette Co.
    Atlanta, Georgia
  6. Kedr Livanskiy
    Moscow, Russia
  7. Mike Simonetti
    Bayonne, New Jersey
  8. N/O/T/A
    Toronto, Ontario
  9. Pale Blue
    Bayonne, New Jersey
  10. REKchampa
    Atlanta, Georgia
  11. Sage Caswell
    Los Angeles, California


2MR Brooklyn, New York

Electronic record label out of NJ and Brooklyn. Helmed by Mike Simonetti, Adam Gerrard and Mike Sniper.

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